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Two Days In Pottuvil

Two Days In Pottuvil

By Jetwing

Pottuvil is situated on the east coast of the island, just 13 minutes away from the world-famous Arugam Bay. Although many flock to the golden beaches of Arugam Bay, Pottuvil has its own charm and is a great place as a base for your trip to the east. Here is how you can spend two days in Pottuvil.

What to do:


When on the east coast, surfing is a must. The season for surfing on the east coast is from June – September, this is when both the weather and the waves are at their best. Pottuvil Point is a great surfing site for novice surfers, but if you’re more experienced you should go to Arugam Bay which has the best waves. Go to Main Point, as its name suggests, it’s Arugam Bay’s primary surf break and definitely, the most accessible. The waves here are ideal for intermediate surfers, but if you want to bob around in the water you can also visit the neighbouring Baby Point.

Pottuvil Lagoon/Urani River Safari

After a morning of sun and surf, a great way to unwind is by going on a boat safari. Although neither the Pottuvil Lagoon nor the Urani River Safari are national parks or nature reserves, they host an incredible amount of wildlife. The swamplands and brackish water are teeming with a myriad of flora and fauna; a safari is a great place for birdwatching, but the two most exciting animals you will encounter are saltwater crocodiles and elephants.

Muhudu Maha Vihara

This ancient Buddhist temple built over 2000 years ago is found in Pottuvil and is a great activity for anyone interested in history. The temple is built on the sand dunes of Pottuvil beach and it marks the landing of Princess Viharamahadevi, from the Kelaniya kingdom, after her father was forced to sacrifice her to appease the gods after an ancient tsunami. After the princess’s arrival in the Ruhuna kingdom, she married its king, King Kavan Tissa and they had a son– the fabled King Dutugamunu. Along with the ancient stupa that towers over the golden sand dunes, you will also see an image house which holds three stone figures of the King and Queen and a monk. Even though much of the temple’s glory has been washed away by time, it is still an interesting place to visit!

Where to stay:

Jetwing Surf is right on the shores of the idyllic Pottuvil beach. This is undoubtedly the nicest place to stay in Arugam Bay; it is fashioned as a luxury eco-lodge with each thatched-roof cabana containing all the necessary amenities of modern living, making your stay incredibly comfortable.

Where to eat:

The food scene on the east coast is quite good and there are heaps of places to try with cuisines ranging from traditional Sri Lankan food, fresh seafood, wood-oven pizzas, and even vegan food!

Bambini Cafe is a fan favourite for any meal. With a wide range of dishes, you’re guaranteed to find something for anyone. Flo! is another popular cafe; it is found on Pottuvil main road and it serves excellent vegan and vegetarian dishes. The Seahorse Inn and Pizzeria is a wonderful place for an evening drink and some Mediterranean food.