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Take the Lovers Leap – Jetwing St. Andrews

Take the Lovers Leap – Jetwing St. Andrews

By Juliet Coombe

Lovers Leap is a slippery deadly death defying waterfall in Nuwara Eliya and one you can go on a guided tour of with Jetwing St. Andrews in house naturalist. One wrong step at the top of it looking down and you might find yourself tumbling into its evil clutches. The falls name interestingly came from two star struck lovers, who like the Shakesperarian tragedy Romeo and Juliet took their own lives for the sake of real love. Hard to imagine two young lovers ending it all here in one last leap, a place so beautiful and serene. However step closer to the edge where torrents of water smash down at hurtling speeds over this 30 metre waterfall drop, passing sharp jagged rocks making the sound like a final drum-roll one can see that the place well deserves the description of beauty and the beast.

At Jetwing St Andrews the rooms are so beautiful and romantic no couple would ever consider such a tragic ending, however between hot drinks of delicious home made soup around the roaring hotel fire, an amazing historic tour around the hotel and frog watching experience, the trip to the falls is an unforgettable one not to be missed.