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Stress Busting – The luxurious way at Jetwing Ayurveda Pavilions

Stress Busting – The luxurious way at Jetwing Ayurveda Pavilions

By Juliet Coombe

Dr Supun of Jetwing Ayurveda Pavilions asked me a few questions of a general nature and, and found myself telling him how I had sleepwalked into an extraordinarily complicated life with a medical history to match, which I knew, from previous experience medical profession would normally require a full month of programmes even to start addressing the myriad of issues; unphased the doctor wrote lots of notes and suggested starting with a full Ayurveda body massage, which is the perfect de-stressor for any over worked person.

Dr Supun then left me supine on the massage table, and as he exited through the double doors leading out to the azure pool, I watched white flowers plummet to the ground like confetti, adorning the garden suite grass with their ephemeral beauty. As I lay there unseen portals formed gentle eddies in the glassy surface of the pool, only to be momentarily disturbed with sprinkles of rain from a sunny rainbow background and temple trees laden with giant green waxy leaves swaying in the gentle warm breeze, in this temple for the glorification of human temples, to relieve the suffering of the souls within and re-boot the mind body and spirit.

Full body massage fills you with   good energy
Full body massage fills you with good energy

Ashok, my experienced masseur for the hour worked with copious quantities of oil, enriching my skin with wild floral odours while easing the passage of his hands over subcutaneous masses. Other than the obvious areas, covered with a highly disposable masking, he left no area untended, ending his journey over my body, with a full oil head massage that sent me into the deepest depths of detachment and relaxation, like floating in a warm outer space – a taste of eternity.

So go on stop the madness in your world for a few minutes and book a blissful Ayurveda tour with Jetwing Hotels and the much needed MOT you keep promising yourself at the stunning Jetwing Ayurveda Pavilions. An amazing spot as close to paradise as you can get with a great team who love working out all that stress and leaving you feeling full of energy even after the first treatment.