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Solar Sunbathing – You can make a difference

Solar Sunbathing – You can make a difference

By Daily News Feature

When you go to a Jetwing hotel like Jetwing Lagoon not only do you get the best possible leisure experience along with stunning views of the lagoon on one side and the Indian Ocean the other, you also get to rest your mind and soul on the peaceful understanding that you’re at one with your environment through your tacit investment in a hotel that has strong respect for and commitment to preserving it for generations to come…

Solar panels

The pool, its bar, the Sundown bar by the beach one side and the incredible Blue Lagoon restaurant are illuminated using efficient and effective LED lighting that lasts longer and draws less energy from the 20KW array of solar power units carefully mounted on unseen areas of the beautiful terracotta roofing. This array of panels is also used to charge a large bank of batteries for lighting the hotel after sundown. Another 10KW array of solar panels are used to heat the water you bathe and wash in. Whilst the lovely cool air you feel on your shiny, maybe a tad sweaty, face as you enter your beautifully designed room is paradoxically generated by steam pressure generated by the inconspicuously sited large biomass boiler that is continuously fed luscious smelling sustainably supplied cinnamon wood from Sri Lankan farms. This boiler is less than a third of the price of a diesel generator and costs a fraction of the price of diesel to run despite needing three locally trained shift-workers to feed it 24/7. It is also used to heat water for all the site’s needs after sundown when the solar panels cease to generate heat.

As you lie out next to the pool, walk its length or amble around the gardens in front of the lagoon, take a thought for the greenery around you and how its kept that way using your room’s waste water recycled through a natural three stage filtration system and pumped around using solar energy…

Image courtesy Daily News Feature Edition


…If ever the government shuts down, Jetwing can carry on with its self sufficient systems that if other hotels adopt the same standards, it will make Negombo the green capital of Sri Lanka. Now that is worth aiming for and you the traveller can refuse to stay at places that do not set this as their primary initiative. In the end each one of us can make a difference and leave a travel footprint for future generations to follow.

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