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Meet Netta Kotaa – Jetwing Yala’s Elephant CCTV Movie Star

Meet Netta Kotaa – Jetwing Yala’s Elephant CCTV Movie Star

By Juliet Coombe

Netta kotaa is a elephant with refined taste and a short tail first caught on CCTV at 3.45am in the morning on the 6th March, when he first popped in for some five star luxury service of fresh juices and cool towels at front reception. He took a good look at the cashier’s desk maybe in the hope of getting some tips and then headed off to the tented camp area hoping there might be some glamping cooking remainders from a luxury jungle cooking class. Now a regular at the hotel and a character that takes every opportunity to have a selfie taken of him Netta is not it seems like the other rogue elephants that also pop in from time to time interested in healthy organic food garden like the other tuskers. No he is much more interested in birthday cakes even gluten free ones which the hotel are brilliant at producing for special events for guest even at short notice. Of course they do not mention to the guests that they might have to share it with the hotels wildest guest Netta Kotaa.

One of the hotel guards explains to me “We think of him as a security guard advisor as he knows how to enter without breaching the security fence revealing where our system has chinks. Netta kotaa also quite likes coming in the evenings to get a few selfies with the guest’s camera phones, which never stop clicking as everyone loves the excitement of seeing naughty Netta kotaa in action as if he was a rock star or Hollywood movie mogul. He is now very famous among the tourists for selfies and it seems according to one cheeky bellboy Netta is considering his own face book page now he is a u-tube hit.

Jetwing Yala icon likes birthday cakes so we made one in his honour for being the first elephant to check into the hotel now a Utube celebrity
Jetwing Yala icon likes birthday cakes so we made one in his honour for being the first elephant to check into the hotel now a Youtube celebrity

Reading tripadvisor one can see having a wild elephant literally walk past the rooftop terrace bar, around the tented area and popping into the reception from time to time has turned the Jetwing Yala into an even greater hit than before so advanced reservations are advised. Of course the 70 meters Swimming pool, sleeping under the canvas surrounded by dense scrub with the constant sound of bird life and the grunt of the herd of wild boar, and sitting out on the spacious tented balcony with comfy chairs and binoculars is something truly special so why wouldn’t you want to be there too. Where to buy Viagra online Sildenafil 25 mg patient reviews. Only topped by lounging on a deck chair sipping on the fresh fruit juices staring out to sea, enjoying the excitement of the crashing surf on one side and dunes on the other was is geographically amazing. For many Jetwing Yala not only delivers but also blows people away with its location of white sands, a blue crystal clear sea that’s so warm it is like sitting in a sauna some days. The great thing about the hotel is you do not have to go on safari as on most days you will see an elephant strolling past the bar and no this is not as a result of having one too many cocktails. So please note when walking around the hotel grounds that when you see the signs saying beware the elephant they are being serious!