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Make Your New Years Resolution A Healthy One!

Make Your New Years Resolution A Healthy One!

By Juliet Coombe

Juliet Coombe discovers on her travels that you should not wait until you become ill to seek medical knowledge and now with Jetwing Hotels exciting new Ayurveda tours you can combine having a holiday with finding long-term healthy solutions.
Ayurveda, I learn from talking to the Ayurveda doctor at Jetwing Lagoon, is derived from the Sanskrit word for the science of life (Ayur meaning life and veda being the science). Increasingly the world is facing a health crisis and it is one of the reasons so many people are now looking for lifelong wisdom as apposed to a quick fix cure, which is Ayurveda in a nutshell. Ayurveda looks for its cures in nature and applies a common sense approach to finding out what the cause is in the first place of the illness to come up with a lifelong solution rather than tablets that may for example may fail to see riding a bike on a bumpy road being the real problem for a person with backache and instead of giving tablets such a life change. Generic Clomid online at trusted Clomid pharmacy.

A healthy environ is one filled with plants
A healthy environ is one filled with plants

The first Ayurveda manuscripts were discovered in 6,000 BC and highlight the importance in protecting the health of people for the long term – rakshanam athurasya. As part of a new course run by Dr. CP Chamalka Priyadarshana Weerawarna (BAMS, University of Colombo) you can learn about Ayurveda, situated in natural surroundings with the sea on one side and the lagoon on the other, at Geoffrey Bawa’s first hotel Jetwing Lagoon. In the centre of this idyllic place is an Ayurveda treatment centre and Spa with birds landing on lily pads next to the Ayurveda garden. Here, you can rejuvenate doing the 5-day programme and also learn which leaves to pick and how to make your own treatment.

As you pick the various leaves you will learn about the connection between the culturally controlled human environment and the natural environment, which in Ayurveda is broken into 5 elements: Apo (water), Theo (fire) Vayo (air), Patavi (earth) and Akasha (atmosphere). The reasons this needs to be explained, says the doctor, is to satisfy the scientific world, which sees Ayrurveda as “pseudo-scientific” and to demonstrate the connection between being healthy inside and having good mental health. In other words your mind needs to be happy, and you must have a good soul, not hating others nor having bad feelings, as this too will make you sick. The doctor says “If the soul is damaged it has very serious consequences for health. Good health, a good soul and meditation are all interconnected with maintaining a human being’s quality of life. He advises that if you think about your religion when you take medicine, it will give you the energy and power to get better. It is important to remember that none of us are machines, we each have a soul and if it is not fed it will die. So go on check yourself in for a full health check at Jetwing Lagoon, a Ayurveda spa hotel that not only looks at the healing process for overstressed people from all over the world, but also how to set you on the pathway to change your lifestyle so that the next time you return, it will only be to enjoy this fabulous world famous architectural spot created by Geoffrey Bawa or go on a longer programme that allows you to cicum navigate the island doing treatments.

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