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Jetwing Yala

Jetwing Yala

By Juliet Coombe

Stalking leopards, elephants gathering by a waterhole, Yala sloth bears standing on their hind legs hand picking Palu berries from the bushes from June until July, are all unforgettable experiences, but nothing as exhilarating as wave surfing in the Indian Ocean next to the Jetwing Yala Hotel coastal stretch. Watched over by the country’s Polo and swimming champions turned lifeguards, you can seek the perfect wave whether you are a surfer or boogie boarder. It is here that writer Arthur C Clark discovered the Great Basses ship wreck, a boat carrying a treasure trove of solid silver rupees that were sent to buy the marble for building India’s Taj Mahal and like the worlds greatest monument to love, mother nature has created sand dunes that the hotel nestles amongst, and where the green turtles safely lay their eggs, monitored by Chamara the hotel naturalist. Here one can find real solitude among the dunes or enjoy sand surfing from the top of the 360 degree lookout point over a land that brought King Solomon here for the spices, Sinbad the sailor in his 6th voyage for the priceless gems and now you, to have an experience of a lifetime.