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“Donald Trunk”

“Donald Trunk”

By Juliet Coombe

Juliet Coombe after the success of the Sri Lanka Wildlife talks at Jetwing Colombo Seven interviews Stick No Bills owners about their exciting new poster of a surfing elephant designed to help the Sri Lanka Wildlife Conservation Society’s elephant protection campaign.

Was it a coincidence? Was it a PR stunt? Was this a case of magic realism shaping reality? Do elephants really surf off Trinco was just part of the exciting conversations that took place at the Jetwing Colombo Seven Wildlife talks.

Many ideas were put forward including they might be making a run for the Andaman Islands or perhaps there is a new club out there for thrill seekers. It’s called ‘The Ten Mile Out Club’ and it’s founding member is a Sri Lankan elephant or elephants as there have been several more rescued out to sea since the first incidence.

This elephant, now known as “Donald Trunk”, took to the seas in most uncharacteristic fashion, using his enormous, gas-filled belly to take Archimedes’ floating principle to a new extreme and his long trunk as a giant sea-snake-like snorkel to cruise a massive ocean current ten miles out into the Indian Ocean.


It is thought that, tired of being the biggest kahuna on terra firma, Donald Trunk decided it was time to catch some waves and maybe even meet his almighty sub-aqua equivalent – the blue whale, perhaps after all the amazing publicity by Jetwing Lighthouse Hotels on Sri Lanka being the worlds best whaling spot.

Just as the navy’s remarkable elephant rescue operation was taking place, Meg Williams, co-founder of the trail-blazing Stick No Bills poster design business which now straddles the two island paradises of Sri Lanka and Mallorca, was sitting down to breakfast in Palma discussing the production of her exciting new surfing poster.

See international news coverage of the Sri Lankan Navy rescue here …

To buy one of these amazing new posters suggesting elephants perhaps can surf go to Stick No Bills number 35 Church Street, Fort Galle while staying at either Jetwing Heritage Villa or Jetwing Lighthouse. A fantastic souvenir of the country and way to support wildlife in Sri Lanka.

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Sri Lanka: Elephant Surfari (Going Right, Sunrise At The Point, Arugam Bay, East Coast), 1970s Retro. Illustration: Digitally remastered by P.J.B. Samarasinghe, Okanda, Sri Lanka, with much thanks to John Lund, Sausalito, California. © Stick No Bills™ (courtesy of, /