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Donald Trunk at Jetwing Lighthouse

Donald Trunk at Jetwing Lighthouse

By Juliet Coombe

Book Now for Amazing Book Launch and Exhibition at the Fairway Galle Literary Festival Art Trail

One of the most exciting book launches of the year Donald Trunk not to be confused with the whistle blowing Donald Trump expose on the president of the USA, this is a wonderful new style children’s tale of the unexpected with stunning illustrations by artist Janet Anderton. An in depth story that reflects a deep respect for Sri Lanka’s amazing wildlife, rich and historic culture, and most importantly its wonderful sense of fun. Like all young people Donald is a mischievous teenage elephant who wants more from life than a 9 to 5 job. He is born in a cinnamon plantation in Galle, and is misled by his friends into believing that the real paradise is somewhere else, The Great Nicobar Islands. Slinky Satarnia, a sly cobra and just one of the many colourful characters in the book, slithers up to Donald, not unlike the story of the Garden of Eden, to tempt the youngster into running away from his family, “So you’re thinking of swimming away are you, you great hunk?  You can take it from me, if you swim east across the sea from Trincomalee, you will find paradise where everything’s free.” Donald was seduced at once by her rhyme and because the thought of lugging wood for the rest of his life caused his trunk to sag and drag uncontrollably he set about planning his escape.



This children’s story is being launched in great style at the Jetwing Lighthouse on Wednesday 24th 2018 at 3.30pm. It is the first in a series of books that tries to bridge the growing gap between the philosophies and ways of thinking between the East and West, and in the process it is hoped that the storyline will inspire deep respect from young people who travel through this amazing island. It is also aimed at Sri Lankan children to help them appreciate how lucky they are to be born in Sri Lanka and teach them to celebrate and protect the unique and very privileged eco biosphere they come from. As a natural wonder of the world and a place that has so much to offer the book series, which is set in Sri Lanka and The Great Nicobar Islands, the aim of the launching team is to make it a game changer. Maybe even a film that will further our understanding of the largest land animal, the elephant, which is highly revered in Sri Lankan culture since ancient times and indeed advice was gathered from several wildlife experts from when male elephants start to grow tusks to how they protect themselves from the tropical sun and insect bites. You can learn more about this by coming to the exciting action packed book launch, exhibition and high tea at the Jetwing Lighthouse Hotel, Galle on the 24th of January at 3.30pm to 5pm.


Tickets are on sale at the hotel for adults at a cost of 2000 rupees and two children can come along free or email for more information