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Cave In A Wave – Jetwing Yala’s Roller Coaster Coast Line

Cave In A Wave – Jetwing Yala’s Roller Coaster Coast Line

By Juliet Coombe

Juliet Coombe discovers even more reasons to stay longer at Jetwing Yala and learns first hand why families see it as the perfect adventure resort.

Amzar, Samad and Pietro have a roller coaster introduction from the amazing Jetwing Yala life guards before heading out into waves three or four times their height. ‘It’s like Niagara Falls,’ says Amzar Juliet’s son as he vanishes into a cave in the wave and just before the latest dunking sinks him, and drags him under in a whirl of froth. The Jetwing Yala life guard team jump in and grab the mischievous eight year old and pull him out of the surf, which at times acts like a giant washing machine, sucking everything into its central point. The kids love the rush of the huge waves and the more they bubble up, exploding as they crash around like water monsters cascading from great heights in all directions, the more excited they get.

Going on Yala wildlife safaris may be unpredictable in terms of what you see, but the beach surrounding this stunning hotel, with its rolling dunes and magical bush like landscape, makes this the perfect all-rounders holiday spot with bat tours at night and sand dune cooking class by day.

Yala’s roller coaster waves are like the fair ground ghost train, not knowing where the next shock will come from with the only consolation for parents being that the Jetwing Yala lifeguards are fully trained to meet and greet every swimmer and assess each and everyone’s ability. So, however good you are, they will shadow you for enough time to assess your true ability before monitoring and standing back to give you the right amount of space to enjoy wave jumping or the amazing surf, providing boards as part of their water sports programme. The two boys and their new friend could have stayed all day on the beach collecting shells and jumping waves throwing them around in all directions, only to spit them out again, hands waving in the air like victors of an almighty sea battle.

After the ultimate rush of a 15-foot monster wave, the kids, tired from battling the massive surf, went in search of turtles and while sipping juice watched one of the protected hatcheries as only two days earlier over 50 turtles had broken out of their shells from the nursery next door. They learn from the water sports team how the fledgling turtles make their way out to the sea, where even though they are as small as my hand they will take on the goliath-like waves.