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Are you ready for simpler life?  and the only thing that spices it up are natural things?

Are you ready for simpler life? and the only thing that spices it up are natural things?

By Juliet Coombe

Juliet Coombe spends a weekend at stunning Jetwing Ayurveda Pavilions, where she stay in the most amazing accommodation surrounded by natural beauty and peace, where you can combine Ayurveda treatments with a healthy range of experiences including an Ayurveda cooking class that will help you improve your eating habits.

The cooking class is by the pool and the first thing I was which spices are good for you and then how to create healthy rottis, which are made by mixing a bowl of finely ground millet with coconut water, salt and pepper used for scooping up the exquisitely flavoured green pesto-like, but much better flavoured curry leaf pesto. The latter is made by putting curry leaves, salt, pepper, cashews, garlic, coconut shavings (aids digestion), onions, salt, mango chutney and olive oil in a blender and blasting it for about a minute into the tastiest dip I’ve ever eaten and I love dips, lots of them. This pesto increases digestion and balances Kapha Dosha, which is nothing to do with being a non-believer in mammon, rather it is about balancing stability and structure within those who might be more cold, heavy and dense. Buy generic Propecia from reliable website.

We also made a healthy Green Gram White Curry by boiling mung beans and leaving them overnight to soften and soak before adding curry leaves, coconut shavings, curry powder, turmeric (antiseptic), garlic, onions. This dish is high in protein, cools the body and balances Pitha.

However, at the hotel, presentation is as important as food quality and a great deal of love goes into shaping the banana leaves around the meal, often cutting them into fern like semi-garnishers. Each dish is treated like a piece of art, arranging colours and shapes in the most beautiful ways possible as this increases your digestive juices and in turn improves the over all running of the body.