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Yathra by Jetwing – Haburugala to the island of birds

Yathra by Jetwing – Haburugala to the island of birds

By Juliet Coombe

Sitting on deck watching the ever changing views, trying to bird spot and catch the occasional jumping fish is all part of the magic of river boat travel and luxury accommodation. The large canopy slung from one side of the river to the other is like a giant bat winged ray splayed across the sky, and beneath the open deck, the stark contrast against the inky bluey black river water we collect in a bucket both fish and stones, compared to what is nestled in the thick green undergrowth like the playful monkeys and monitors in search of food is what makes life truly amazing and raw. Yathra by Jetwing in contrast is all about understated eloquence and glamour, which provides an ideal getaway haven for honeymooners, real travellers and families that know the importance of learning about nature first hand. Looking at one of the bird islands we passed as the sun set, I was amazed to see the orange ball of fire is swallowed by the deep river tributary, as the staff light the tiny lanterns and hang them around the deck.


On special request to the river boat captain and staff they will let you have a go at the helm and every night they put together an amazing evening barbecue or delicious banquet of rice and curry.  The kids and I loved the way the jacket potatoes crackle in their silvery coats, the barbeque emits its hot heat over the coals which being like slivers of lava are cooking delicious cuts of meat, one can chat around the BBQ spirals about the areas fascinating history as its cooked to perfection. I realize nothing beats the setting of eating out on water with a pitch dark of the night sky and the pulses of the stars, the Yathra by Jetwing bellows the verve of its crew and the joy of those who love open air living and sleeping out at night on a luxury boat.



With the moon intruding through the intricate lattice-work of the dense canopy, smudging the River’s skin, splashing spools of light in rivulets, the deck at Yathra by Jetwing is where romance too simmers, coos and caresses like the birds in the trees the romance of the river is undeniably special for those who appreciate the simplicity of life and the very reason we were born in the world in the first place.