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The Magnificent Seven – The Magicians of Ward 7

The Magnificent Seven – The Magicians of Ward 7

By Juliet Coombe

Jetwing Colombo Seven, Ward 7 bar is always a buzz of events, cheese and wine evenings and even a daily Premium Hour to enjoy the spectacular infinity pool and 360 degree view of Colombo city. The Ward 7 bar is run by seven amazing characters; Dilen Fernando, Yomal Silva, Zidne Ally, Charith Bandara, Rukshan Anuradha, Chathuranga Sampath, Somaksha Jayawickrama and Mahinda Wiijrathna. Each with their own magic trick to solve, like the match sticks placed in a configuration of 8 boxes, which I had to turn into 5 squares, only moving three match sticks to win the trick.

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It was no easier to solve after an uplifting signature cocktail Ward 7 – Colombo London No 7 Dry Gin drink, full of spices from the hospital medicinal Cinnamon Gardens, which you can still see in front of the hotel. A magical mix of gin, galangal ginger, coriander leaves, cinnamon, freshly squeezed lime juice and cane sweetner. I learn as I move two sticks to the wrong place, that Colombo 7 Gin is distilled in London with all the rest of the ingredients sourced from Sri Lanka, finished off with ice breaking bar magic, which turns the circular ice cubes into diamonds to complement the drink that I am told is excellent with tonic, once a barrier against being bitten by mosquitoes, good for long term memory due to the cinnamon mix. I also learn from the head barman that all the cocktail names were inspired by the hotel being near the hospital; so they use medical names in the drinks menu to accompany knowledge of such things like red wine drunk in moderation is good for the heart, tequila excellent for digestion and, of course, ladies love Sedatory fruit based drinks with a splash of vodka.

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For the serious connoisseurs of hard liquor, there are more than 27 single malts to choose from – the biggest collection in Colombo, and the reason the hotel has a ‘Premium Hour’ discount and not a happy hour, as everything they do is aimed at the discerning connoisseur. This extends to their unique cutlery, made of gorgeous copper, which in ancient times was viewed as a mysterious material found deep in the earth and believed to be full of spiritual powers and the potential for encouraging creation as well as destruction. Copper, interestingly, embodies the nurturing aspect of women and their youthfulness, which is something Rookamanie Fernando, Colombo’s first female General Manager, embodies with her ‘Recharge Sunday’ yoga experience on the rooftop, followed by hour long SPA treatment on the second floor of the hotel that embodies wellness and the re-balancing of a busy business life style with their amazing ‘ever glow package’.

Copper is also associated with matters of love and lust, and symbolizes characteristics like charisma, feminine beauty, artistic creativity, affection, caring and balance, which I consider the very essence of Jetwing Hotels.