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Recharge Your Batteries @ Jetwing Colombo Seven Frangipani SPA

Recharge Your Batteries @ Jetwing Colombo Seven Frangipani SPA

By Juliet Coombe

I learn the word ‘massage’ comes from the Arabic ‘massa’ meaning ‘to touch, feel or handle’ and that in 700 BC, Bian Que, the earliest known Chinese physician, used massage in medical practice to release stress. Touch is actually vital in all our lives as it stimulates the release of endorphins (the body’s natural pain killers) and there are approximately 5 million touch receptors in our skin-3000 in each fingertip alone and that a 60-minute massage is about the same as 7-8 hours sleep to your body.

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The Jetwing Colombo Seven ever glow experience started with a head massage, which was an amazing re-boot mixture for the hair of egg, olive oil and avocado oil. “Different skin” explains my therapist working in the mixture so my hair would look vibrant and youthful again “requires different oils and this is created for dry hair from too much sun shine which damages the hair so it breaks at the end”. The head massage pressure was strong and used pressure points to help the herbs to absorb and makes the hair have a rich vibrancy one only sees at fashion shows.

The next part of the experience was a facial and Samantha the therapist with twelve years’ experience mixed different herbs together as in my case she said, “your skin is a combination skin and so I have used a cleanser of tomato juice, one lime drop, aloe vera and pure bee honey.” Aloe Vera face massage and the pack to take out the impurities of the skin and dirt that gets deep into the skin pores required a milk rice heated fermentation with herbs to warm up the skin and make it youthful by removing all the layers of dead skin, which in turn brings an outer glow in process. After this was fermentation was gently moved around the face, a pack with turmeric, oats and curd be placed on my face for twenty minutes. During this time my shoulders were worked on and I was asked to pick between the salt scrub, which detoxes the whole body or the herbs red with the ancient beauty treatment of white sandalwood. I went with the second option, as it is great for re-conditioning the skin and body polishing. After this all over scrub I was told it was best to take a cold shower with only water no soap as that remove all the good work of the herbal infusions and use only the herbal conditioner on the hair as many conditioners strip the goodness further out of the hair and do not really help re-build it beyond the surface level.


After showering moisturiser was put on to re-build my skins ph.- balance and the herbal moisturising cream with aloe Vera smelt so good I fell into a deep sleep, as Samantha found the pressure points of my feet to help clear all the internal organs of toxins. She moved from feet to upper body and finally the neck area to release me of the stress of carrying too much camera equipment around for my job.

On finishing this wonderful experience the therapies offered me a delicious ginger tea and explained that it is important to try to do this every two weeks, as this is the secret to a healthy long life with an ever glow in your face. Many people who are about to get married come for the seven day bridal packages with her, which includes yoga and many secret treatments that will make the entire body glow on that special day. So go on treat yourself to an ever glow experience that will re-energise even the most burnt out person.

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