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Rebirth of a Legendary Hotel – Jetwing Lighthouse proudly re-opens to host the New Zealand World Cup Cricket Squad

Rebirth of a Legendary Hotel – Jetwing Lighthouse proudly re-opens to host the New Zealand World Cup Cricket Squad

By Juliet Coombe

To christen this wonderful restoration and facelift for 2020, the New Zealand Black Caps cricket team fresh from their World Cup success arrived this week at Jetwing Lighthouse in Galle. Ready for an action packed week of training and playing Sri Lanka’s premiere team at an exciting test match from the 14th to the 18th August, while enjoying this epic hotel and its wonderful fascilities. A place that celebrates the best of Bawa architecture, while also now providing exciting new healthy menus so you can indulge in sumptuous super foods, and drinks with medicinal benefits such as curry leaf juice. You can if you are quick still snap up a room and see this awesome team in action or enjoy having the hotel to yourself when they are playing at the Galle cricket ground all this week. Kane Williamson was visibly bowled over on arrival by his Black Caps cricket shirt personalised mouthwatering chocolate birthday cake, after being drummed into the hotel and lighting the welcome lamp.

The rebirth of Geoffrey Bawa’s visionary architectural creation in time for this historic test match was as the result of hundreds of travellers coming from all corners of the world over the last two decades to study and absorb inside out architectural design in which nature is always intrical to every part of the building process. They will love this once in a life time opportunity to meet one of the worlds best squads. Now more than ever, as in and out, the hotel has been reborn in the great architect’s style – in body, mind and soul with Channe Daswatte  his protégé architect keeping to his indomitable spirit and stylish panache that made Bawa the most renound architect in Asia alive.

Jetwing Lighthouse, the first boutique hotel in the South and still the most iconic, has not only been tweaked, but  also philosophically been re-configured in an amazing on going make over to reflect the wishes of the many travellers that have passed through Jetwing Lighthouse doors. Architect Channa Daswatte stayed true to Bawa’s vision by retaining its tropical modernistic design, grand staircase entrance and opulent sized rooms only adding lighting and making the areas such as the bathrooms brighter. In addition small spaces, like the main bar, has been made bigger, and wonderful verandas more open to enjoy the spectacular views of the ocean and, on a clear day, the UNESCO World Heritage Site of The Galle Fort.

The refurbishment was carried out to reposition Jetwing Lighthouse as the ultimate luxury boutique hotel in Galle, with a specially curated butler service by people who grew up in the area, enhanced nature experiences like the whale watching that put the hotel on the adventure travel map and fantastic upgrades to the facilities of the resort including the tiling and wooden flooring. The hotel now welcomes all types of premium travellers, including celebrities and athletes, such as the world famous New Zealand cricket team.

Rooms have been renewed with a fresh new aesthetic, whilst the bathrooms have been equipped with brand new toilet accessories and lighting. The different dining options at the hotel have been enhanced by Jetwing’s top chef Nihal and are now even healthier, with buffet and a la Carte menus emphasising wellness. The newly partitioned restaurant is perfect for private parties or special events, the Cardamom Café will include a state-of-the-art sound and lighting system and elegantly stylised floor, providing an exciting new dining and dance experience. The Cinnamon Room will focus on a specially curated a la Carte fine dinning menu, where Nihal will offer an international menu including global favourites with an innovative twist.  The Anchor Bar will operate for longer hours (closing at 10 pm rather than 6 pm) and will be combined with Lorenzo’s to offer more Italian food options beyond hand made pizzas and the Coats of Arms Bar has be renovated to offer a more refined setting, with new beverages and food items being added to the menu. The Spa and pool are even more magical with high service levels to make every guest feel like a VIP.

So go on join the legends in this legendary hotel!