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Jetwing Surf – ‘a new wave in hospitality’

Jetwing Surf – ‘a new wave in hospitality’

By Juliet Coombe

As a big fan of Jetwing and its amazing hotels, I wonder to myself, ‘What is it that makes them stand head and shoulders above the competition?’

Is it the sheer number and variety of offerings they have throughout this wonderful island? Certainly, every hotel is unique and themed in such a way that you never get bored or over-familiar and they are always beautifully turned out and decorated with comprehensive amenities but they are not altogether alone in this way.

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Is it the fact that they are one of the world leaders in employing self-sustaining technology to becoming carbon neutral by using banks of solar panels and batteries, or by using natural salt to keep the pools clean, or by recycling all the hotel water into the gardens or by using biomass boilers? They are definitely at the forefront of these technologies and are very focused on their vision for a clean and sustainable future.

Is it because their food is always exquisite, freshly cooked with rare passion and to die for? It is the company’s policy to use local ingredients and support the community of the area in which the hotel resides so that guests can get closer to understanding the bigger picture as well as eating the freshest and tastiest fare possible for Vegans and vegetarians. Again, though, there are many others that will boast the same.

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What makes Jetwing stand out from the rest is its staff. The hotel is truly a great investor in people, drawing on local talent and training it to the highest and yet most human levels of service. Nowhere can this be seen in all its glory more than at Jetwing Surf where one guest wrote, ‘All of the managers & staff were truly committing themselves to be the best that they could be.’ As if the perfect setting with the sound of the sea and lapping waves caressing your dreams at night was not enough, along with the scattering of palm trees around glassy pools that merge with the sea travelling out to the horizon and reveries of doorways to other worlds, the staff go well beyond the call of duty. In such heavenly places, many visitors imagine being left alone, except for when service is needed, as the ideal way to relax and unwind, but here management realises life is much more interesting when the mind and body are engaged in an unconditionally friendly way and the guests’ experience is taken to the next level – an interest in a particular dish can lead to a private lesson with the exceptional chef in his kitchen, or great welts on the skin of those allergic to mosquitos might be met with phone calls, consultations with professionals, a trip to the local shop, and the most effective local remedy. Staff members are both highly attentive to the immediate needs of their guests but are also very sensitive to longer-term needs and what will make a stay ever more perfect.

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So, watch out, in addition to having your well-deserved relaxing break, you might, if you are swell enough, be treated to any of a number of unforgettable experiences like military workouts on the beach, an evening of volleyball with the staff, private lessons of free-swimming, the same with surfing lessons, safaris and fishing trips and most importantly, superb staff to guide you through all these activities and more, to the point you might get weather reports for planning purposes or help to book your next hotel if all others in a destination are full up. This kind of  unique service has been summed up by one happy guest, ‘There are simply not enough words – the staff at Jetwing Surf are simply second to none!’