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Jetwing Sea Wok & Roll Culinary Fiesta  by Juliet Coombe

Jetwing Sea Wok & Roll Culinary Fiesta  by Juliet Coombe

By Juliet Coombe

Everyone headed to Negombo last weekend for the first exciting Culinary Fiesta of fantastic foodie experiences from Jetwing Sea.  From the 20th to the 22nd of April, 2018 the hotel had a gastronomical adventure over a course of three action packed days of foodie moments kicking off with Around The World dishes on the 20th April. Highlights included A Feast From The Sea and Charcoal, Grills and Action. People learnt sizzling Jetwing Sea cooking and health tips from the chefs, and the feedback from those that attended is this they would all love this to become a yearly event.

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For those that missed out on gourmet Jetwing Sea Culinary Fiesta I would highly recommend their new Noodles Wok restaurant with oodles of charm and superb views of the ocean. Here if you book in advance you can do a noodle specialist cooking class and learn how noodles have been traded around the world in different forms and lengths since the Roman Empire. Invented according to archaeologists as pasta first as seen being made by the Roman on Hadrian’s Wall in the UK, to being traded on the Silk Root to China, where they became strips and strings of pasta instead of whole sheets used in Italian dishes like lasagne. A global dish that Sri Lankans love, and even the worse cook can create from a boil in the bag when leaving home, like Maggie noodles to the much more sophisticated version of glass noodles a popular Japanese dish. Chef Mahesh who has turned noodles into amazing gastro dishes explains it is just one of the many reasons the hotel has so many repeat guests, who would travel from miles around to enjoy all these amazing flavours from Sri Lankan’s home gardens, which are all mixed up in inspiring new ways that reflect the multi-cultural trading area of Negombo.

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Noodles Wok dishes are all daringly different like Fresh Banana Blossom, lime and coconut salad, which Chef Mahesh explains is great for pregnant mums and for kids as it has lots of great vitamins and is loaded with iron, which you can absorb in a natural way. Lemon grass he explains is good with protecting the body from cancers and helps to control them he says to his cooking class group as he cuts up more garlic and red onions to throw in the sizzling wok. Instead of having a sickly fizzy drink or beer with the meal, he suggests that you should try a healthy juice combination like Lemongrass tea with ginger, turmeric, beetroot, and carrot mixed up. His exciting cooking lessons inspire all of us to eat healthier and to look at noodles in a whole new way. He reminds us as he pops the noodles in at the end of making each sauce that they can be made from many different flours including flowers like Kurakan, so gluten free guests can happily eat and enjoy Noodles Wok restaurant as well. We learn as the noodles hit the wok that this is the reason they are not limp, and work in perfect harmony with all the flavours as they are only tossed in the mouthwatering gourmet source and are served seconds later to our table.


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