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Jetwing Lighthouse – Birds Eye View of Galle Fort by Juliet Coombe

Jetwing Lighthouse – Birds Eye View of Galle Fort by Juliet Coombe

By Juliet Coombe

Circling the World Heritage Site Galle Fort from the air is quite simply breathtaking as this it’s the only view that allows one to truly comprehend the ancient citadels magnificence architecture and enjoy the Galle Forts daily rituals and ancient traditions, as one is close enough to see them and yet not intrude on daily life. Everywhere there are things going on and yet among the hustle and bustle the architecture is living proof that our merchant ancestors built things to last and how it all connects together in this fully walled citadel can only really be appreciated from the sky.

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Much in the same way several foolhardy Spanish conquistadors found madness and death at the end of their search for El Dorado the fabled evasive city of gold, Galle Fort famous for its cinnamon once valued at the same price as gold only finds its con- text from above. You then head out to sea in search of dolphins, surfing turtles and pods of blue whales. At one point a whale popped up with its tail slapping its dolphin kick footprint on the ocean’s body leaving a trail of undulating white foam trickling along behind. On the return swoop we saw turtles making love on a wave.

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It is only from the air that one fully appreciates the true beauty of architect Geoffrey Bawa’s last hotel Jetwing Lighthouse with its azure blue pools, serene Spa, stunning Jetwing Club Lounge and one of the best restaurants in the south Nihals.