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Hidden Treasures –  Jetwing Surf & Kottukal Beach House by Jetwing

Hidden Treasures – Jetwing Surf & Kottukal Beach House by Jetwing

By Juliet Coombe

“A land without ruins is a land without memories – a land without memories is a land without history.”

Abram Joseph Ryan

 As the trees became more plentiful than houses, wild elephants meander across the road that turn into sandy tracks, and when you see everyone is carrying a surf board you know you have reached Arugam Bay. A place you can stay at either Kottukal Beach House by Jetwing or at the award winning Jetwing Surf with its unique style of island cuisine and service. Sitting next to each other they are both gems in a sea of white sand, celebrating luxury at its most stylish. As one visitor put it “Roaring waves, azure waters, rock pools and white sparkling sky’s held up only by the palm trees make this a raw paradise but a nightmare for those that can’t imagine unplugging your life.”

Jetwing have created lots of amazing experiences, so throw your phone away and enjoy the simple things in life like dawn surfs or walks along the palm tree groves. For the more adventurous Kumana National Park is fabulous for elephants and usually you have it to yourself. For me the myriad of little known historic sites with elephant moonstones and ruins were amazing to visit. You can go on bike rides and enjoy village life first hand, clamber across rocks in the nearby lagoon and enjoy a truly ethereal setting in which one half expects King Arthur to appear. Just be careful of the crocodiles not to be mistaken for the monitors or you may end up being someone else’s dinner! Finishing off every day with a surf and a sunset cocktail by the pool.