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Dishing it up on Jetwing Colombo Seven

Dishing it up on Jetwing Colombo Seven

By Juliet Coombe

Juliet Coombe takes a look at the magnificent menus of Jetwing Colombo Seven.

Jetwing Colombo Seven has, in just over a year, set lots of new food trends, including anticipating the fashionable growing trend for sharing platters as a new concept in the Colombo city bar scene. This fine dining affordable bar food experience, complete with azure pool and panoramic views of the city, has brought people together in adventurous groups, to try a mixture of new things. One platter, for example, is a mix of food using different styles of cooking from frying to mixing ingredients with cream, which give an orchestra of tastes, whilst enjoying a cocktail or Colombo 7 gin and tonic. The most popular platter is ‘smoked and cured meats’ from an exciting choice of nine platters, which mix hot and cold together to make each one sing a different song. They also serve up a mixed concept if you have a sweet tooth – They put chilli and chocolate together, which is a truly spicy experience in the Ward 7 bar, where you can always expect the unexpected.


Jetwing Colombo 7, being a boutique concept, has also created a new style of menu in an exciting magazine format to give the Colombo city history while you wait for each course to be served. It serves dishes to suit different clients ranging from sugar-free desserts, as diabetes is a worldwide problem, to delicious cheesecake and watalappan, also available by swapping ingredients. Another Colombo first is the Wasabi Caesar Salad, which is a clever twist on the original American version. Being in the centre of the world, the Jetwing Colombo 7 team of chefs want to mix up dishes to suit their guests, who come from everywhere. They also have an excellent mix of vegetarian dishes that cater for vegans and gluten-free palettes, as well as keeping the favourite meat-eaters’ dishes. My favourite experience was high speed lunch from the ‘on the run’ menu at a great price, which allows one to meet and do business over a good range of dishes that are quick to prepare, so that you can get back to work fast after a having fun on the run.

Sunday lunch is a very exclusive affair for around 20 tables each week with an exciting new Degustation Lunch at 57, which is all about tasting new things with matching wines, to develop the concept of matching food dishes with the perfect wine. There is always a surprise dish hidden by smoke so it makes it a very special Sunday experience that is unique to the capital. Smoked Lamb Saddle is served with an exciting ‘joie de view’ and other unforgettable courses follow.


A tale about afternoon tea is a classic English affair served upstairs from 3 to 5.30 pm so you can enjoy the nice weather and stunning views of the city with old fashioned old school British proper cucumber sandwiches and scones with jam and clotted cream that you could have in Cornwall. Jetwing Colombo Seven even celebrates British traditions of cuisine of where tea was their finest hour and can be yours after a busy morning of meetings.