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Calamansi Cove Villas by Jetwing reopens with a splash

Calamansi Cove Villas by Jetwing reopens with a splash

By Juliet Coombe

Book now and enjoy a super special deluxe price for August to celebrate Calamansi Cove Villas new exciting interiors and curated experiences. Travellers are already talking about the stunning new dining room interior with a spectacular Calamansi leaf art installation piece created by a master craftsman, in the area, celebrating the sweet orange fruit the villas are named after. This iconic metal art work was produced by hand, leaf by leaf from battered copper and brass with over 8,000 leaves latched together splashing reflections all over the tropical open fine-dining room looking over the Indian ocean.

To celebrate this the chef has created exciting new delicious dishes for the Tangerine Restaurant menu like seared-peppered tuna caught fresh from the cove fisherman daily, and a mouthwatering new chilli coconut ice cream produced from the coconuts lining the azure pool where you can enjoy their signature cocktails as the sun sets. For the truly adventurous or more-healthy minded, they have also created their own version of avocado ice cream and are now doing coastal cooking classes for the foodie who loves tropical delights

For August – to celebrate the fact the area is famous for master artists, Calamansi Cove  Villas by Jetwing will have one in situ doing creative workshops with their guests in their lush tropical gardens. If time is what you are looking for you can simply chill out with a book in their new air conditioned library next to the dragon antique doors – one of the many treasures bought from one of the five fun antique shops in the area.

Whether you want to chill out on villa terraces or in your private villa garden, watching the sunset, or playing beach volley ball with the staff, or even jumping the Calamansi cove rocks, there are  so many new exciting activities planned including beach and garden yoga – with a special tour in October for those who want to have a mindfulness week, in a stunning inspirational property that celebrates great food for the mind body and soul, and unique experiences that connects you with island people in a relaxed already much loved coastal location.